Architectural Designers

Architectural Designers/Drafters are involved in all stages of the design and building process. Once they gain experience, they may consult with clients about project scopes and budgets and produce design concepts. After design concepts are approved they work with engineers, construction teams etc. to make sure the design is carried out as planned.

This program will teach students to become proficient using computer aided design application packages. Areas of study include design fundamentals and blueprints, computer graphics, AutoCAD 2-D and 3-D, Interior, Exterior and Landscape design, and Ontario Building Code.

Program Outline

Computer Fundamentals
• Designing Fundamentals and Blueprints
• Project Planning and Managing using MS Project
• Computer Graphics
• AutoCAD 2-D
• Advanced AutoCAD 3-D
• Microstation
• Interior, Exterior and Landscape Design
• Ontario Building Code.


Draft Person/Designer

Building Planner

Interior/Exterior Designer

Architecture Assistant

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