CNC & Master CAM Technology Course

The CNC /MasterCAM diploma training program prepares our graduates for a career within Canada’s growing industrial community. Upon the successful completion of the CNC /MasterCAM training program graduates will understand and be able to apply Computerized Numerical Control technology (CNC) from the introduction of CNC programming to advanced applications. As well, graduates will be able to develop CNC programs for a variety of machines, such as drills, mills, machining centers and lathes, using verifiable manual and computerized methods. The focus of the program is on practical industrial applications and problem solving using a professional approach.

Program Overview

  • Introduction to CNC programming
  • CNC Specification for Lathe Operations
  • CNC Specification for Milling Operations
  • CNC Setup Time Reduction
  • CNC Cycle Time Reduction
  • Programming with M-code in CNC machine
  • Programming with G-code in CNC machine
  • CNC Parametric Programming
  • Advanced CNC Techniques, Setups and Operations
  • Introduction to MasterCAM
  • 2-D Geometry Construction
  • 2-D Geometry Creation & Toolpaths
  • 3-D Toolpath Generation
  • 3-D Wireframe Generation
  • 3-D Surface Creation