The Paralegal Diploma program is designed to prepare students for a wide range of positions within the paralegal field.  During the duration of the program, students learn both the theoretical and practical aspects of the paralegal profession ranging from the Canadian constitutional structure to practical approaches for legal research, fact investigation and writing of legal-related documents.

The paralegal field offers many employment opportunities in almost every sector of the economy as it touches on many aspects of our society.

To this effect, the program curriculum provides students with the knowledge and familiarizes them with the various processes of civil litigation in Ontario, court proceedings and trial stages as well as those pertaining to lower courts such as Small Claims. The program also aims to educate students in areas of law, such as business and corporate, creditor-debtor, and family law. It also touches on employment and real estate law, among others. Students gain legal skills such as advocacy, negotiation, and interviewing. The program equips students with day-to-day skills required in the legal services sector, including familiarization with office management procedures, various legal software packages often used in law firms, and the basics of accounting principles required by the Law Society. Graduates of this accredited Paralegal Diploma program will be entitled to apply to the Law Society of Upper Canada to write their licensing exam.

Where they can find work

  • Self Employed
  • Municipal, Provincial, Federal Courts
  • Business and Corporates
  • Law ¬†Firms
  • Courts (Municipal, Provincial, Federal)
  • Accounting Firms
  • Unions
  • Banks
  • Social Agency
  • Insurance Company
  • Pharmaceutical¬†Company
  • any many more