Police Foundations

The Police Foundations program allows students to prepare for employment opportunities and career success in entry-level policing and related law enforcement jurisdictions. The program combines practical, theoretical and substantive knowledge in a way that is relevant to police related work settings and it provides graduates with the required knowledge and skills to meet the proposed Ontario Constable Selection Standards. Note: The Constable Selection System (Ontario Ministry of Public Safety and Security) is a standardized system for Ontario police services to use in selecting candidates for the position of constable. The Constable Selection System (CSS) began in February 1998 when the Ministry granted license to the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) to sub-license individual police services and private sector firms to use the system to assess police constable applicants. To date, there are 41 police services, including 10 of Ontario’s largest police services using the CSS. Approximately 80 per cent of police applicants in the province are assessed using these criteria.


  • Firearms Safety Training
  • Classes led by qualified instructors, many of whom are retired Police Officers
  • Preparation for Security Guard License
  • Potential for PREP (Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police) fitness¬†testing/certification


Ontario Police Services (municipal and provincial)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Out-of-Province Police Services

Canadian Armed Forces, By-Law Enforcement

Campus Police

Security (special events, industrial & commercial, residential, retail, casino, etc.)

Customs Services

Correctional Services

Conservation Officers and Park Wardens

Insurance Investigation

Civil Enforcement (Bailiffs, Process Servers, etc.)

Court Services.